HILDA'17- Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Human-In-the-Loop Data Analytics

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SESSION: Session 1: Assisted Data Discovery

Assisting Discovery in Public Health

What you see is not what you get!: Detecting Simpson's Paradoxes during Data Exploration

SESSION: Session 2: Simplifying Machine Learning

An Overreaction to the Broken Machine Learning Abstraction: The ease.ml Vision

PALM: Machine Learning Explanations For Iterative Debugging

Flipper: A Systematic Approach to Debugging Training Sets

Interpreting Black-Box Classifiers Using Instance-Level Visual Explanations

SESSION: Session 3: Tools and Workows

ProvDB: Lifecycle Management of Collaborative Analysis Workflows

SOCRAT Platform Design: A Web Architecture for Interactive Visual Analytics Applications

SESSION: Session 4: User Interfaces and Intent

What Users Don't Expect about Exploratory Data Analysis on Approximate Query Processing Systems

Precision Interfaces

SpeakQL: Towards Speech-driven Multi-modal Querying

SESSION: Session 5: Collaboration and Feedback

Human-in-the-Loop Challenges for Entity Matching: A Midterm Report

Observing the Data Scientist: Using Manual Corrections As Implicit Feedback

Observation-Level Interaction with Clustering and Dimension Reduction Algorithms

A Game-theoretic Approach to Data Interaction: A Progress Report